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Walter Reed Army Medical Center

Walter Reed Army Medical Center


Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) began a journey nearly three years ago to transform the patient experience, and to refocus its staff to become more “patient centered.” Great strides have been made in this regard. U.S. Army leadership recognizes that especially in the outpatient arena, once a Warrior is discharged from the hospital, there is still room for improving the Warrior’s recovery journey.

In January, 2010, IDEAS was asked to assist WRAMC to assess the patient experience throughout the spectrum of outpatient care and make recommendations for improvement in three areas: experiential and programmatic changes that could ease the journey for both the Warrior and Non-Medical Attendants; spatial and facilities upgrades in living quarters and on the garrison where WRAMC is based, that could support patient-centered care; and, staff training of all personnel in the hospital, the garrison, and the Warrior Transition Brigade in new, better defined service standards.

IDEAS completed its initial research using its proprietary Culture Mapping™ process, StoryJam™ and Experience Design™. Upon completion of those phases, IDEAS moved on to a variety of training programs launched in September, 2010 for staff, Warriors, and Non-Medical Attendants. In addition, IDEAS identified a number of key process changes in the patient pathway that can immediately improve the experience of patients at every step of their recovery, and the WRAMC leadership is embarking on adopting those recommendations.

Additionally, IDEAS was brought on to consult on media production elements for projects already in progress. IDEAS will be involved in the research and script writing for a variety of media elements and then oversee the entire production and post production process. Some of these elements will be utilized in the training programs as well as for the Public Affairs office.

IDEAS’ work ties in to the overall rich heritage of Army Medicine and supporting the key theme of Bringing Value…Inspiring Trust through all its message points.