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Concept Development

Our Story

IDEAS offers our clients a proprietary suite of story-based tools to analyze, understand, and develop solutions to create or enhance brand identity, generate new concepts and communication tools, identify new directions and strategies for organizational change, design and deliver intentional experiences, and generate and instill authentic work environments.

Our unique approach to solving problems through the use of Story and its critical supporting components – active listening, audience empathy, navigating the journey, and celebrating the discovery – enables us to apply our portfolio of products across a diverse range of industries.

Brought together in our BrandRing™ solution suite, we have developed an entirely new approach to creating powerful brand relationships in the experience economy. As an integrated brand solution or as component offerings, targeting specific objectives, the BrandRing™ suite is a proven, multi-dimensional process that leads to more imaginative organizations and deeper relationships, transforming customers first into advocates and then co-creators for our clients.

Using Story

Look beneath the surface of every strong brand and you’ll find a powerful, coherent story that personally engages audiences in much more than features and benefits—a story that relates us intimately to the product, creating a special feeling about its role in our lives.

Walk the halls of any great company with a robust culture supporting its mission and igniting innovation and you’ll find their values and sense of purpose sustained and enlivened by the stories the staff tell about their recent accomplishments, ongoing challenges, and remarkable history.

Visit any destination known for delivering an extraordinary experience and you’ll find its design, operation, and invitation rooted in the stories that visitors take with them to tell others; stories about a remarkable place where they felt personally connected to something meaningful.

Story is not only at the heart of the human experience—breathing life into every aspect of every endeavor. It is the source and foundation of excellence.

In our experience, leaders who pursue excellence are seeking one common outcome: a brighter, more successful future for their products, services, staff, organizational culture, and ultimately, their customers.

That journey begins by asking profound, incisive questions. Some companies begin with audience perceptions, asking, “How do you experience our service in the context of the rest of your life?” For others, it’s a search for a fresh and empowering pathway to the future propelling their staff past the competition. Many, such as hospitals, are attempting to revolutionize the way they touch the lives of the patients and families they serve. They ask us how to create a story of care that goes above and beyond.

What is your question that is begging for an innovative answer, and a story to back it up?

Storytelling is our native language, helping us to make sense of our universe. Underlying the life of every person, every product, every brand, and every organization is a story that informs the way we see our world, how consumers perceive and interact with products and services, and how organizations develop and direct their businesses.

Often, our personal stories and those that make up the fabric of organizations and their products and services are unexpressed, tacit, and unexamined. Without a deliberately codified and articulated story, there is no “true north,” and companies’ products and services can easily lose their bearings.

StoryJam is our own expertly designed, iterative experience that evolved from our years of creating and using stories in the entertainment industry. The StoryJam process results in the creation of a breakthrough story for your organization. Using this story as the foundation, we then provide you an actionable plan, along with a distilled set of detailed StoryAnalytics™ collected during the process, enabling you to drive change and chart an intentional and meaningful path into the future…for your people, your product, your brand, or your organization.

StoryJam goes beyond “brainstorming.” It creates a model for the optimal future condition using 6 key tenets: Setting establishes the experiential environment; Voice, the organizational persona; Character, your customers, staff, and community; Emotion, the amperage behind the promise; Conflict, your own “Hero’s Journey”; and, Plot, failure & success drivers … and the details for how to make it real.

A clear organizational Story clarifies intent, nails purpose, creates advocates, drives brand charter, guides design, and informs operations.

StoryJam is both process and product and, as part of the IDEAS brandRing™ solution suite, is the precursor to developing the tools and training required to create powerful organizational outcomes.