Experience Design

IDEAS’ Experience Design takes a holistic approach to designing and implementing intentional experiences. We do so to enhance existing locations and to fully design the experiential envelope for new destinations.

This approach encompasses both physical and psychological spheres:

  • The physical environment, including attractions, exhibits, themed architecture, area development and wayfinding
  • The psychological context, including pre-arrival messaging, navigation, audience expectations, staff interaction, media, operations and programming

We attune all these points to deliver a consistent, memorable and authentic themed destination experience that aligns with your brand and mission.

We build our proven, methodical process on a core narrative to guide design.

Culture mapping provides a valuable “WHAT IS” assessment of underlying dynamics through important stakeholders’ eyes.

StoryJam™ is an iterative exploration of the “WHAT IF” possibilities for these new experiences.

Through our partners, market research provides a clear snapshot of “WHAT’S TRUE” — what audiences want.

Experience design builds an actionable “WHAT and HOW” program for an array of factors:

  • Architecture
  • Facility design
  • Media content
  • Programming
  • Operational protocols
  • Attractions
  • Branding

The result is an experience design plan — a blueprint for development, fabrication, production and installation.

What is...

Culture Mapping

Assess your brand’s current reality.

What if?


Explore possible narrative assets.

What's true.

Market Research

Gather relevant data about your audience.

What & How!

Experience Design

Build a conceptual catalog for your experience.

Destination Performance™ Metrics

We take a comprehensive approach, from initial assessment and ideation through and beyond successful implementation. That approach blends market insight, innovative creativity, fresh design thinking and operational excellence.

Destination Performance™ Is Powerful

  • It aligns distinctive experience delivery with market intelligence.
  • It activates a high-performing brand.
  • It optimizes the return on every development and operational dollar.

Destination Performance positions your experience as a premium — as different and highly preferable. And it maximizes guests’ passion and intent to recommend and return.

We deliver prosperity to key stakeholders and regional communities with Destination Performance.

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