Las Vegas High Roller

Las Vegas, NV

The Caesars Entertainment team wanted to upgrade their signature Las Vegas attraction — the 550-foot-tall High Roller observation wheel.

So they asked us at IDEAS to reinvent the guest experience with a focus on an all-new in-cabin media program. 

After a thorough site assessment and review of audience metrics and revenue targets, we developed two content portfolios:

  • One for the daytime Las Vegas tourist audience 
  • A completely different take for the nighttime Vegas party crowd

Next, we performed historical and cultural research to inform the scripting process. 

We also worked with Caesars’ marketing and executive teams for The LINK district to properly position and cross-promote popular offerings and attractions as part of the new in-cabin experience. 

Ultimately, we produced a pair of 30-minute video programs synchronized to the wheel’s rotation:

  • One for more informative daytime content 
  • The other for more energetic nighttime partiers 

We custom-built these presentations for the cabins’ four-screen display system with viewing information, backstories and real-time ride stats.

Daytime content featured an array of content:

  • Storied details about the creation of Las Vegas
  • Prompts for guests to look outside the cabin and enjoy views of the Strip and surrounding region
  • A historical interpretation of the area’s geological, prehistoric and cultural past 

The experience culminated with an “Apex Party” celebrating the guest’s achievement of going “over the top” of the world’s tallest observation wheel. 

Meanwhile, we specifically focused evening content on two areas:

  • Amping up the party ambience inside the cabin 
  • Making plans for later on the Strip to craft a night to remember 

We designed this intentional ambience to complement the High Roller’s popular bar car scene in many of the cabins.

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