Bahia Urbana Park

Port of San Juan, PR

Las Brisas Property Development invited IDEAS to the Port of San Juan. 

Its team tasked us with investigating the potential for a new waterfront destination for cruise guests, residents and overnight visitors to San Juan. 

First, we worked with our Integrated Insight market analytics partners to determine the destination’s appeal and a supportable investment for a possible attraction.

Next, we developed a premium brand for the new destination and completed a conceptual package. 

We’re now overseeing the complete design-build program for the new Bahia Urbana Park waterfront destination.

Bahia Urbana Park will showcase Puerto Rico’s rich and diverse culture, history, entertainment, artistry, amazing food and electric atmosphere.

And it’ll do so in an easily walkable, one-stop setting along the harbor waterfront, within sight of the nearby cruise ship terminal. 

We intentionally designed Bahia Urbana Park to be as appealing to locals as to visitors. The new destination will serve as a gateway to historic Old San Juan while offering exciting new attractions and experiences.

“We knew we had a very special opportunity in front of us. IDEAS had the creativity — and cared enough — to bring the Puerto Rican cultural story to life, along with the methodical approach to viably execute that vision.”

—Jacobo Ortiz Blanes, President of Las Brisas Property Management and Operational Director for OSJ Partners

IDEAS’ Process, Partners and Future Results

The creative development process worked in parallel with competitive market assessments and appeal testing.

We followed with capacity analysis, pricing and operations planning work. 

Our team of Disney veteran partners includes invaluable people who helped us guide the destination’s development:

  • Rick Allen, lodging 
  • Larry Stauffer, port consulting and recreation 
  • Robert Kelley, merchandising 
  • Michelle Clegg, food and beverage 
  • Keith Davenport, live entertainment

Meanwhile, we spent a great deal of time with partners on the ground in cultural and experiential research to ensure Puerto Rico’s magical essence shines at every engagement.

When complete, nonstop entertainment and Boricua’s spirit will flourish along a 90,000-square-foot waterfront village. 

Guests will enjoy stylish, sensual relaxation at the Beach on the Bay’s floating islands and nearby Bay Club, an upscale sandy retreat. 

A new, innovative observation wheel with stellar views of the Bay and Old San Juan will anchor the property. 

Finally, an eco-adventure area with a massive aviary, animal encounters and Dynamic Attractions flying theater experience will cap off the attractions. 

The latter takes riders on a whirlwind tour of the Emerald Isle’s natural and cultural treasures.

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