Port Oasis

Cartagena, Colombia

IDEAS enjoyed a rewarding partnership with the Puerto de Cartagena leadership team. 

Together, we helped create a visitor experience for cruise guests wholly unique in the Caribbean. 

The truly magnificent Port Oasis rainforest is a lush setting from which guests can engage with tour operators. Then, they can set off to enjoy the magical Old City of Cartagena. 

Cruise passenger business makes up just a small portion of revenue for this major gateway cargo port. However, leadership wanted to deliver the best guest experience possible. 

They understood that positive ambassadorship here would lead to more cruise line calls, more home port sailings and greater economic prosperity for Cartagena residents and businesses.

The Port Oasis is an extraordinary “tropical rainforest” destination. 

It’s particularly novel because it offers cruise passengers a distinctively authentic, relaxing onshore experience without the need for additional travel or transfer. 

But there was a challenge. 

The Challenge, Solutions and Results

Ship and shore tour operators completely bypassed this gem in an effort to quickly get cruise guests out into the Old City and off to other excursions. 

So we accepted the challenge and reimagined every aspect of the guest pathway. 

Our recommendations included multiple avenues:

  • New transportation logistics
  • Wayfinding
  • F&B experiences 
  • Engaging animal programs
  • Authentic theming and entertainment
  • Enhanced services for crew members 
  • A greatly expanded merchandise experience

Additionally, IDEAS and our key design partner Exline Design and Architecture delivered a complete Experience Design Plan for The Port Oasis. 

The plan highlighted it as a featured destination, differentiating its guest experience from other popular ports. 

This work leveraged market testing and a robust guest survey program by our research partners at Integrated Design to target the most effective enhancements. 

Our team also led on-site operations in a test weekend, which dramatically increased revenue and improved dwell time at the destination. 

Altogether, our results demonstrated that increased per-capita spend, operational profitability and greater ROI are possible with the right development program.

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