brandRing™ Brand Activation

A brand is the single idea or concept that you own in the market’s mind. It instantly distinguishes your company or organization from the background noise without making people work at it.

A brand rooted in a powerful story creates the perception that no other product or service in the world is quite like yours. It attracts people because it’s narrow in scope, distinguishable and easily understood.

And it allows you to command a premium and store market value.

A powerful experiential brand ultimately creates a replicable system for marketing, sales, communications, operations and growth.

This system includes a complete Enculturation Program featuring employee orientation, training, internal brand marketing and revitalization tools.

You employ those tools within a well-crafted organizational development and internal communications program.

All the while, print, web, rich media and viral content types support your living brand.

What is brandRing™?

We believe that marketing is training your customers and that training is marketing to your employees.

They’re two sides of the same coin. Realizing that fact is the first step to ensuring people are ready to “live your brand,” no matter where they encounter it or how they engage with it.

Our brandRing™ process is a proven tactic for deeply understanding your stakeholders’ needs, identifying key behavioral drivers and building an implementation strategy and engagement program for activating your brand.

Understanding the “Actuals”

  • Learn diverse stakeholders’ current vision and thinking.
  • Audit the brand or experience internally and externally.
  • Explore today’s central “facts, myths and legends.”
  • Understand the market macros.

Developing the “Optimals”

  • Build a proprietary, design-thinking process beyond brainstorming.
  • Draw on 30 years of evolving experience in the entertainment industry.
  • Create the guiding design story and action plan for delivering the optimal future for the project and its brand.
  • Clarify the message, recruit a strong advocate group and provide design program inputs.

Crafting the Experience Design Plan

  • Define the verbal, visual, physical and behavioral components of the new branded experience.
  • Offer the invitation to creative worlds, ranging from physical places to states of mind.
  • Provide the basis for a detailed program of action for development, launch and sustainment.
  • Create market testing concepts and inform design development.

Harnessing Market Intelligence

  • Conduct market analysis to determine valid preference, demand and revenue models.
  • Determine the overall appeal of both brand and experience elements with specific audiences.
  • Build demand, capacity, sustainable investment and simulation.
  • Inform value engineering and phased build-out regarding appeal, cost and revenue potential.

Starting Design, Build, Produce

  • Have Integrated Project Teams that include every design, engineering, production and project management discipline.
  • Enact single-point accountability from concept through completion.
  • Begin value engineering during concept development that continues throughout a project’s spiral reviews.
  • Place clients, owners and operators at the center of Integrated Project Teams.

Building Brand Enculturation

  • Use orientation, training and internal communication tools that are essential to activating brands and sustaining Destination Performance.
  • Ensure enculturation provides cross-discipline clarity on living the brand.
  • Review how enculturation teaches and reinforces a system of specific, measurable behaviors that you can train, track, reward and propagate.

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