Lockheed Martin Innovation Demonstration Center

Orlando, FL

When Lockheed Martin’s Mission Systems & Training division in Orlando, Florida, needed a new on-campus demonstration center, they reached out to IDEAS.

We would develop the visitor experience, design the interior branded spaces and produce many of the supporting media elements. 

After a StoryJam workshop informing an Experience Design Plan, we went through several revisions of the interior floor plan. The display inventory grew with additional Lockheed Martin projects, capabilities, training programs and learning systems.

Ultimately, we designed the final floor plan around a weaving journey. 

Experience the Journey

The project first took visitors on a tour of the company’s diverse innovation and product development areas. At each demonstration space, a vertical triangular truss tower (aka “trylon”) anchored the tour route with program ID information and an interactive touch screen. 

There, visitors could access detailed information about each product or system on display. 

The touch screens shared a common database to pull from updatable content silos. As a result, the sales team could showcase the company’s latest capabilities. Meanwhile, training teams could call up the most current supporting learning content and programs available for each product line.

Visitors found themselves traversing a variety of different thematic environments. These leveraged Lockheed Martin’s robust inventory of platform simulators and program exhibits. In turn, these worked alongside unforgettable factors:

  • Scenic elements 
  • Media presentations across many different display and visualization systems
  • A massive ribbon soffit system connecting the areas with a unified branded visual theme 

Additionally, we made automation prevalent throughout the space: 

  • Preprogrammed area lighting and sound effects
  • Specialty lighting fixtures
  • Sliding doors
  • Opacity-changing glass
  • Large-format image projection space synched with a thunderous surround-sound system

IDEAS also produced a dramatic, multiscreen opening presentation for demo center visitors. The presentation started each tour by highlighting Lockheed Martin’s broad range of innovative, exceptional programs and capabilities. 

The Innovation Demonstration Center in Orlando still serves as the perfect setting for dramatically showcasing Lockheed Martin’s Mission Systems & Training programs.

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