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Florida Hospital

Florida Hospital


IDEAS has designed an innovative, story-based method to discover the experience drivers most important to patients in determining the quality of their hospital stay, and develop actionable recommendations for improving the patient experience. The results have proved so revolutionary that the project has redefined the patient care model for the client, and altered their understanding of what patients value and the qualities that drive word-of-mouth marketing. The hospital is not only implementing IDEAS’ recommendations, but is developing leadership and staff training tools based on the key constructs, as the impact of the project spreads through the entire organization.

Working at Florida Hospital’s primary medical center in Orlando, the IDEAS team gathered the stories of over 200 patients, family members and caregivers during a week of in-room interview sessions in order to better understand the proto-typical patient stay from each of these different perspectives. With 50 hours of recorded conversations and 2,000+ pages of transcripts, the IDEAS team identified key drivers of the patient experience and developed visual models of the patients’ emotional, psychological and priority pathways during their stay. These were cross-referenced with detailed observations taken during several site visits. Opportunities for way-finding, messaging, interaction, programming and area improvements prepared by IDEAS were filtered by the priorities and perceptions of the patient, family and staff feedback.

The end result is a revolutionary new model of the patient experience as seen through the eyes of the patient. IDEAS developed a program for enhancing the patient experience through expanded service offerings, modified physical spaces, new design and communication initiatives, tools to communicate this new awareness through the existing work culture, identified the key drivers that create the patient’s “belief bubble” about their stay, and developed an actionable plan for improving the experience.

IDEAS also created a series of short meta-stories that encapsulate the emotional journey, progression of priorities, and points of confusion and disconnect. These stories provide a tool for sharing the perspectives of these three lead omni-characters that shape the hospital’s experience story. Florida Hospital is not only moving forward with implementing IDEAS’ work, but is sharing it with the highest levels of leadership of the hospital system to influence the thinking and actions of the entire organization at every level for patient care, marketing, staff training, enculturation and customer service.

February 6, 2014