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Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line


In 1998, when Disney launched its first two cruise ships (Disney Magic and Disney Wonder), IDEAS was heavily involved with creating on board media, including port of call informational videos, on board game shows, informational videos for guests riding to and from the airport, and the signature animation still used in an award-winning Broadway-style show. In 2010 when Disney began looking for media elements for their two new ships (Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy), IDEAS was the perfect choice.

As part of the work for the new ships, IDEAS was responsible for scripting and post production on 11 different videos, ranging from a new Safety Video that would be used on all four Disney ships, to a Ship Tips video, helping guests familiarize themselves with the new ships, to Bridge, Engine Room, and Galley Tour videos to name a few. The videos were scripted early in the process. Then shot sheets were given to the Disney Cruise Line producers to acquire original footage. And finally IDEAS executed post production including VO recording, motion graphics design, editing, and audio sweetening. The final step in the process was video compression of the final videos to files to go to the ships.

The original footage from the Disney Dream was shot while the ship was making its transatlantic voyage from Germany (where it was built) to Florida for the very first time. Footage was received, videos were completed, and given to the ship so they could be installed before the first official voyage in January, 2011.

The other portion of the project consisted of design and execution of 68 unique, non-animated templates and 17 unique, animated templates. Some of the digital screens were designed for horizontal viewing while others were designed for vertical viewing. The digital screens were used on monitors ranging from 17” all the way to 65” throughout the ships. The screens were designed for general announcements, photography gallery, retail, theaters, restaurants, bars, kids’ activities, and spa treatments, to name a few. The goal in producing the screens was to create an overall branded look and feel while giving each screen its own identity. IDEAS worked closely with the Disney Cruise Line creative team to create the overall look and feel that matched the ship’s theme. Once that branded look was established, each screen got its own personality. The screens were created in a way that updating the text can be done on a moment’s notice by the on board ship technical team so daily, even hourly changes could be accommodated.