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Adventure to Fitness

Adventure to Fitness


How do you get kids excited about good nutrition and help them maintain an active lifestyle? Take them on an Adventure to Fitness every week! The award-winning Adventure to Fitness ( is a 30 minute classroom activity for grades K-5 that combines physical fitness, healthy lifestyle information, engaging storylines, and lots of fun with each episode being seen by more than 2 million kids. These pre-produced curriculum-aligned adventures get kids moving as they start the school day with a lasting burst of energy and motivation. It’s the all-in-one, teacher-friendly elective that meets a multitude of mandated requirements that impact the school day and crowd the classroom. Adventure to Fitness is available to elementary public and private classrooms, after-school programs, and day care facilities throughout the country, and it’s FREE.

IDEAS was the exclusive provider of turnkey creative and production and post production services including producing, scripting, shooting, animation, audio/editorial services, duplication, and production management for our client, Adventure to Fitness, for seasons 1 and 2. IDEAS’ instructional designers reviewed all content to ensure alignment with state and national standards while creating print guides for both parents and teachers.

The process started with a StoryJam to determine possible episodes and elements to be included in each adventure. From there a list was paired down to specific episodes and scripts were written by the IDEAS team. Once scripts were locked, production and animation blocking took place for appropriate shots. Both Season 1 and Season 2 were shot on the insert stage at the IDEAS studio in Orlando. The on camera talent (Mr. Marc) was shot on green screen and these video elements were edited in Final Cut Pro. Those video segments were then exported to the IDEAS animation team using Aftereffects and Maya. The animation team used illustrations created by the IDEAS team, to composite the live footage in the animated environments. Once the video was completed the show went to the IDEAS audio team for sound design, composing music, and the final audio mix. The entire process, from show concepts to delivery, was done by IDEAS in Orlando.

Adventure to Fitness is a groundbreaking initiative to introduce health and physical activity into children’s lives. Every episode challenges kids to a 30-minute workout while also learning about geography, science, social studies, language arts, and health. The exciting live action and animated video, combined with guides for teachers and parents, make the program ideal for teaching health and wellness to children. The program is designed to meet state and national standards, in collaboration with teachers, parents, and school officials. From a teacher’s perspective, one of the program’s main advantages is its ease of use, making it effortless to introduce into any classroom. The Adventure to Fitness Network is available to schools nationwide for FREE giving students the opportunity to build active and healthy habits for life. To learn more about Adventure to Fitness or to sign up, go to