The Villages

Central FL

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The Villages®, America’s leading neighborhoods for 55-plus living in Central Florida, is a successful new take on retirement communities. 

It’s the result of multiple facets:

  • An extraordinary organization 
  • “Intentional place making” 
  • A family legacy of innovation 
  • A “get-it-done” philosophy
  • Unmatched marketing and sales 

When you’re at the top of your game, you need the right team to help you imagine what “up” looks like!

The Villages team asked IDEAS to explore their brands and help conceive an even wider “lifestyle” position. 

To begin, we conducted a series of culture-mapping sessions with leadership, staff, residents and partners. These open sessions helped us gain an honest “as-is” brand assessment from a diverse set of stakeholders. 

Next, we held a StoryJam™ workshop with leadership and staff to explore where opportunities might lie for growth to evolve and expand.

Delivering a detailed and comprehensive future roadmap, our Brand Experience Design Plan covered the organization’s bases:

  • Included a new brand architecture and guiding brand story
  • Identified key behaviors 
  • Outlined a rubric for using the new plan in making strategic decisions, from communications to operations 

With that plan in hand, we helped position The Villages for continual growth.

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