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Experience Design

Our deep understanding of how to leverage the power of story with the mechanics of physical, psychological, and emotional audience response has resulted in the design and development of unconventional, yet highly effective experiences. For example, some deliver an exciting and memorable thrill for a guest while others are intentionally crafted to facilitate a deeper connection and bond between the patient and their caregiver. Regardless of the specifics, we always start with an understanding of the emotional journey, relationships, and pathways that develop over time in order to develop the physical and programming accompaniments that will best engage the target audience.


First, our team of conceptualists, instructional and artistic designers, media specialists, and technical experts use StoryAnalytics™ to diagnose current state and future needs by listening to the stories within an organization. Operational and experiential drivers, challenges, obstacles, and opportunities for improvement are noted and recommendations made to increase satisfaction by making physical improvements to the location and generating a new overall experience through design, environment, story deployment, expectation modification, and fulfillment training.

An IDEAS Experience Design utilizes a “holistic” approach for designing and implementing these intentional experiences – to enhance existing locations as well as fully design the experiential envelope for new destinations. This encompasses both the physical environment elements – décor, furnishings, lighting/sound, signage, wayfinding, etc. – and the psychological context – pre-arrival messaging, navigation, audience expectations, staff interaction, programming – all attuned to deliver a consistent and authentic experience that is aligned with your brand and mission.

An IDEAS Experience Design not only advises what you should do to create the desired change and why, but also includes a clear pathway and executable development process through which we can help to design and deliver those recommendations.

VP, Innovation Duncan Kennedy, on building the experience pathway: