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Who We Are

IDEAS is a brand and experience design company, our clients traditionally come from the healthcare, government, enterprise, and entertainment industries worldwide. We provide concept development, experience design, branding, training, media production, and mobile development services. IDEAS has been awarded GSA Schedule 541 – AIMS and GSA Schedule 874 – MOBIS.

Our Vision

Our vision is an enriched, diverse, and flourishing worldwide community connected through stories. We work collaboratively and passionately to provide innovative, relevant, and valuable brand and experience design solutions and to earn our reputation as a trusted and valued partner to our clients and our community.

Our Values

Our values inform every decision we make. Far more than “walking the talk,” Integrity is the unswerving practice of honesty, kindness, courage and responsibility. Respect is our commitment to demonstrating that we value every person without exception, in our speech, actions, decisions and products. We value Openness and practice not forming rigid and dogmatic opinions that we are not willing to change given the strength of a new and better idea and abandoning secrecy and manipulation as means of achieving our goals. At the root of our work is Compassion, a commitment to understand the difficulties of others and use our skill and energy to solve their problems. For us Quality means we are diligent in researching, designing, developing and testing each solution we offer with the intention of getting the best results and creating the greatest value. We are aware of true conditions in our world Community and are committed to being a good corporate world-citizen, collaborating with our clients and with each other for mutual and global benefit.