Mike Yager

Exec VP and Director of Design

Michael (aka Mike) Yager’s career began with Walt Disney Imagineering Florida. There, he gained valuable experience integrating creative design elements with state-of-the-art technology, emergent materials and cutting-edge architecture.

His 30-plus years as a creative director, artist, designer and custom production and fabrication business owner have served him well. That time has resulted in an immense body of work, alongside many major theme park and entertainment industry credits.

Before joining IDEAS, Mike expanded into the business development arena. He worked with developers and owners to establish new brands and to expand established brands into new markets.

His unique experiences and skill set allow him to develop comprehensive feasibility studies and live entertainment productions.

Meanwhile, he works dynamically with various business professionals to create viable, forward-thinking business concepts that are also sustainable destination and entertainment properties.

Contact Mike at myager@ideasorlando.com.