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Beyond recruiting, accepting, nurturing, and rewarding the best and the brightest people, the best way to articulate your growth and distinction in the marketplace is with a thorough understanding and deployment of a clear brand. More than a logo or slogan, a brand is the single idea or concept that you own in the mind of the market instantly distinguishing a company from the category background noise without making people work at it.

Brands, rooted in a powerful story, create the perception that there is no other product or service in the world quite like yours. They attract people because they’re narrow in scope, distinguishable and easily understood. They allow you to command a premium and store market value, insulating you in times of turmoil. When we create a brand, we’re helping our clients build networks of value-adding associations. A “living brand” also functions as an integrator for the action of the company from vision to operations and a filter for strategic decisions. It is the powerful experiential brand that ultimately creates a replicable system for marketing, sales, communications, operations and growth.

Beginning with a brand “story bible” to drive all brand development, we proceed through an internal staff survey, a competitive audit, executive interviews, an internal brand audit and a positioning corridor recommendation presented in a Brand Summit. Once the brand story is complete and well nourished, we proceed with the development of a brand charter, brand strategy system and hierarchy and a “schematic tool”. The final steps include a naming study and nomenclature development, sensory identity package design and final art, taglines, applications and system extensions, and a complete digital brand standards manual.

From there, we complete the brandRing™ with Enculturation featuring employee orientation, training, internal brand marketing, and revitalization tools, employed within a well-crafted organizational development and internal communications program, with print, web, rich-media, and viral content to support the brand.