Women’s Residential & Counseling Center

By Christine Biondo

[fusion_dropcap class="fusion-content-tb-dropcap"]E[/fusion_dropcap]very so often it’s a good idea to do something that is completely different than your normal routine. We have found that doing so helps you get focus back, see things in a different perspective and makes you think about where you are in life. A couple of times a year we have the privilege of cooking and serving the residents at the Women’s Residential & Counseling Center in Downtown Orlando. They are our neighbors as the Center is right across the street from our building and this Wednesday we will be there in full force once again. It is quite humbling to share time with these special women and children, especially the little ones. Such energy! They are loving, inquisitive and so talkative. It is always an uplifting event for us, a reminder that our own personal challenges are quite small in comparison to others. Whether every member of our team is available or just a handful, everyone participates by donating money for groceries, preparing the food or helping organize things for the evening. The menu this week that we will prepare and serve: Chicken, Corn, Green Beans, Bread, Salad and ice-cream cups. If you are interested in organizing a group to help out at the Center, or if you would like to join us this week or any time in the future, please contact Charles Moore at 407-601-7878 ext. 1419 or cmoore@ideasorlando.com.

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