Volunteer Service

By Shirley Decker

[fusion_dropcap class="fusion-content-tb-dropcap"]I[/fusion_dropcap]f you have not yet had the experience of volunteering your time for something other than your work time, give it a try – it really is what keeps America headed in the right direction. Just this past week I was able to participate once again on the WMFE Radio Fund Drive and not only do you offer up some of your time but you usually get to work with dedicated teams of folks that you don’t interact with on a daily basis.  They share insights into their world and you personally feel really good when you can contribute to achieving goals.

Friends and colleagues may ask you to sit on a committee for organizations that they have great passion for – give it a whirl – you will find out you like sharing your expertise.  You may even find new journeys out there that you didn’t know existed.  We have a co-worker who has organized evenings for our team to prep food and serve dinner at the Women’s Residential & Counseling Center in downtown Orlando to families that may have fallen into circumstances beyond their control. Giving a little of your time and resources is very good for the people you are helping as well as aiding your “karma bank account” and who doesn’t need deposits in that department!

Our company has had the tremendous fortune of crossing paths with a variety of people who have opened our eyes to situations in our community as well as the world and once you have been made aware of what is going on around you, you can’t put it back – the knowledge is just there for you to act on, or not.  It’s like giving blood, you may be a little nervous at first but once you do, it feels good.  So think about service in your community – it really is a good thing! Volunteer service…it feels good!

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About the Author: Shirley Decker

Drawing on over 25+ years of experience in the hospitality industry as a certified hotel sales executive and several years as a Disney executive, Shirley is responsible for directing business development at IDEAS.

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