VISIT FLORIDA Holds Annual Marketing Retreat

By John Lux

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VISIT FLORIDA is a unique public/private partnership – because it is indeed a partnership.  In the past 14 years, Partners have invested $776 million, to match $350 million of State investment, resulting in a one-of-a-kind $1.125 billion destination marketing cooperative.

The primary reason Partners invest in VISIT FLORIDA marketing programs is because they work.   The marketing programs work because the industry is very active in the development and implementation of all advertising, promotions, communications, sales and new product development efforts undertaken by VISIT FLORIDA on behalf of the statewide tourism industry.

This week, over 130 members of VISIT FLORIDA’s Board of Directors and Marketing Committees gathered with staff and agency partners for the annual Marketing Retreat.  The Marketing Retreat is the first, and arguably the most important, step in the development of VISIT FLORIDA’s strategic marketing plan.

The retreat included a combination of VISIT FLORIDA staff presentations, presentations from key research and marketing partners, and active brainstorming and planning sessions undertaken by all members present.  Topics of conversation included:

•VISIT FLORIDA  plans for the continued development of three key initiatives: Social, Mobile and Content;

•Research presentations on the Profile of American Travelers and the Profile of Florida Travelers by Y Partnership,  as well as Florida visitor profiles by DK Shifflet;

Bob Allen of IDEAS gave a thought provoking talk on the Art of Innovation;

•Maximizing the impact of VISIT FLORIDA’s co-op marketing platform; and

•The future of digital marketing in VISIT FLORIDAs integrated marketing efforts.

Additionally, the Cultural, Heritage, Rural & Nature Committee, the Communications Committee, the Promotions Committee, the Sales Committee, the International Committee and the Advertising and Internet Committee each met to address key challenges facing VISIT FLORIDA in the year ahead.

I would like to thank all of the Partners who were able to attend the retreat for your commitment to VISIT FLORIDA and for the thought provoking and very valuable contributions that were made over the two days of meetings.  Your leadership is very much appreciated.

I would also like to invite additional comments, thoughts and ideas from industry partners that were not able to attend so all voices can be heard as we prepare the 2011-2012 strategic marketing plan.  Copies of the presentations have been posted to and summaries of the breakout group discussions will be added soon.

VISIT FLORIDA’s success is a direct result of industry participation, engagement and leadership.  The only way that we can position Florida as the “No. 1 Travel Destination in the World” is to continue to work together.

Will Seccombe

Chief Marketing Officer

December 13, 2010|News|

About the Author: John Lux

As COO of IDEAS, John manages the day-to-day operations of the company. He is a category expert in studio production and is responsible for bringing advanced digital media technology to IDEAS.

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