Three Top Destinations For First Time Cruisers


Anybody ever wanted to go on a cruise? Well, today’s article comes from freelance writer Ali Carver, who’s got a list of cruise suggestions for you.


The allure of cruising has been growing in recent years, with the leisure activity no longer seen only as a preserve for the rich. More than 28 million travelers went cruising in 2018, and that number is expected to exceed 30 million in 2019. Such is its increasing popularity, a study by the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) estimated that about 350 million posts are uploaded on Instagram daily with the hashtag #travel. Suffice to say, it is barely surprising that many people are taking cruising up. After all, it is a fun, adventurous and relatively affordable option for people who want to travel, see the world and sample some new cultures. For first-time cruisers, here are some potentially great destinations within the Americas.

Cartagena, Colombia

The warm-weather and scenic city of Cartagena on Colombia’s coast is the country’s second-most popular tourist destination, after the capital, Bogotá. Thanks to the port, monuments, and fortresses in the city, it is officially recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. All these are aspects that can definitely be experienced while on a cruise to Cartagena. It is definitely a great option if you are looking to take children with you on the cruise. They could enjoy the bird aviary on Baru Island, some soccer games on the sand-filled pitches and maybe a visit to the Alex Rocha Youth Center. Other top tourist attractions in the city include the San Felipe de Barajas Castle, the Ciudad Móvil (Mobile City) cultural center, and Bocagrande, the longest beach in the area.

The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a popular destination in its own right, as evidenced by the fact that it took up about 22.7% of all the 29.9 million tourists who visited the Caribbean in 2018. It is neighbored by Haiti on the west side. Each of the other three sides forms an extensive coastline of up to 1,288 km (800 miles). Consequently, one of the main advantages of cruising to the Dominican Republic is that you are likely to find many virgin, uncrowded anchorages.

However, the towns with the most commonly used harbors are Luperón and Samaná. Some leading tourist destinations in Luperón include the  Parque Nacional La Isabela as well as the Cable Car and Botanical Gardens of Puerto Plata. If in Samaná, you can savor the 40-meter high El Limón waterfall or go zip lining over the lush, green tropical forests.

The Bahamas

A cruise to the Bahamas is perfect for someone who still wants to experience adventure but at a more affordable price, and without wandering too far away from home. As a country, the Bahamas consists of more than 700 islands, including cays and islets. The closest of those (Gun Cay, Bimini) is just over 40 miles from Miami, Florida. However, the stunning Abaco Islands (180 miles east of South Florida) are a much more coveted destination. Popular spots in the Abaco Islands include Hope Town, Guana Cay, and Tahiti Beach. Lobster hunting and boat renting are also some popular pastimes on the islands.

Cruising for the first time can be a strange and daunting experience. Depending on how you approach it, you can, however, ensure that your voyage is fun and memorable. If possible, travel with at least one person who has done it before. Do enough research before you embark on the cruise and most definitely, choose a destination that is bound to tick as many things off your bucket list as possible.

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