Jared Wells

Senior Writer & Creative Lead

Jared is the newest addition to the IDEAS team and an accomplished writer and experience designer.

After graduating in narrative brand promotions from Ball State University, he joined our eclectic collection of creative minds.

He brings both the fresh, evolved view of the millennial generation and the old-school discipline of a professional writer. Jared is a crisp and energetic storyteller with the audacity to express bold new ideas and the responsibility to keep them grounded in operational and budgetary realities.

Whether writing attractions, live shows or digital experiences, he excels in world-building that makes the story bigger and more visceral to guests.

Meanwhile, his versatility of voice allows him to write compellingly in any genre. That flexibility also makes him proficient at creating a layered narrative environment, whether through fully fledged rides or cleverly themed signage.

He has contributed copiously to the story development and experience design of projects like Jungle Island, Korala, ICON Park and World Petroleum Congress. His work also spans projects in Asia, Europe and the Caribbean, as well as across North America.

Reach Jared at jwells@ideasorlando.com.

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