IDEAS Brand and Experience Design Announces Joining The Summit and Expanding Leadership Team


Announces Joining The Summit and Expanding Leadership Team

ORLANDO, FL (November 14, 2023) —   IDEAS, The Orlando-based brand and experience design firm – is building on a 20-year history of creating branded immersive experiences around the world. From new, imaginative destinations to better healthcare, IDEAS is poised to grow its abilities to innovate the future of storytelling with two new announcements.

In an exciting new partnership, IDEAS is joining The Summit, along with Swagger Agency and Marketeering Group. The Summit offers a fresh approach to branding, marketing, and experience design, providing comprehensive solutions through the integration of content, digital, and physical portfolios.  Projects are driven by market intelligence, with a focus on creating, producing, and activating best-in-class audience and customer engagement.

To help lead the next phase of growth, IDEAS is also proud to welcome Michael Yager to the team. Mike brings with him over 20 years of industry experience in experiential design, with a focus on exhibit development and immersive entertainment. His impressive portfolio includes work for prestigious clients such as The Walt Disney Company, Boeing, The Coca-Cola Company, Herschend Family Entertainment and a slate of international clients.

Former Disney executive Bob Allen, IDEAS founder and Chief Storytelling Officer, shared his enthusiasm: “This is the most significant opportunity to deepen our brand performance solution since we formed the company in 2001. We know the power of true collaboration and the teams that comprise The Summit offer a new level of creative alliance, complementing our opportunity to excel in merging the art of storytelling with market-driven insights. Mike’s expertise in keeping a master designer’s eye on the balance between powerful stories and show delivery systems sets him apart as an industry leader. He also ups our design game and adds seasoned executive leadership continuity.”

Having created more than 3,500 brands and experiences around the globe, IDEAS specializes in leveraging research insights through a unique design process to immerse guests in a brand’s story. Those clients represent multiple verticals in the destination entertainment industry including theme parks, cruise lines, zoos, aquariums and science centers as well as worldwide engagements in workforce development, healthcare, aerospace and technology.

IDEAS recently completed work as the primary experience design team for The Florida Aquarium’s new “Morph’d” exhibit-a playful introduction to animals with extraordinary adaptations and the design of “The Florida Family Road Trip”, an interactive on-ride game for long term client ICON Park . Also in Florida, IDEAS is working with Brevard Zoo to expand its brand system and with long-term social branding clients “One Lagoon” and Healthy West Orange. IDEAS international destination work includes full experience design responsibility for Bahia Urbana Park-a harborside retail, dining and entertainment destination in San Juan Puerto Rico, Space Base California, envisioned as a new genre of enriched destination exploration and STEM learning, and experience design planning for Havensight Mall in St. Thomas USVI and the Port Authority of Aruba.

The Summit founder, Jarred King, sees growth potential noting, “ Integrating with The Summit and bringing a major talent like Mike on board, IDEAS is better positioned than ever to offer its clients an extended range of transformative brand and experience design solutions. This partnership is set to provide clients with broader and deeper options for brand, experience, and marketing innovation.”

Mike Yager expressed his excitement for joining IDEAS, adding “I have a long history – over 20 years – of collaborating with IDEAS as both a strategic partner and creative resource. This feels a lot like coming home. I could not be more excited for the opportunity to work with this team on a daily basis!”


IDEAS is a unique brand and experience design firm with over 20 years of success delivering and activating powerful brands, unique destinations, and imaginative audience engagement around the world.

Building on our Disney roots, we’ve specialized in combining the power of skillful storytelling with insight gained through market research to ensure our custom designed solutions resonate with audiences and deliver against meaningful performance metrics from new places to play to better ways to heal.

We are playful innovators, collaborating with our clients from concept creation to “opening day” and beyond, while creating passionate brand advocates by delivering exceptional experience.

About Swagger Agency

Swagger is a creative agency that drives customer engagement through strategic brand activations driven by customer insights, market analysis, and digital experience design.

Our aim is to identify key insights that will help us understand what drives and motivates customers to engage, purchase, and stay loyal to the brand.

By focusing on their needs and preferences, we can create a more personalized and engaging experience that fosters a deeper connection between the brand and its customers.

About Marketeering Group

Using strategic and impact-driven SEO implementation, Marketeering Group ensures that businesses stay not just visible but influential in the online landscape.

That’s why we’re committed to providing clients with comprehensive marketing solutions that are tailored to their goals and ideal customers, creating measurable return on investment.

We’re guides and partners, creating hand-crafted strategies for search-driven digital marketing solutions that dynamically adjust to business realities and striving to break new ground with our strategies, services, and solutions. Our norm is a perpetual state of evolution.

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We’re a small creative design firm with a proven 20-year (and growing) history of international success. Our team delivers truly inspired brand and experience design solutions for destination, enterprise, organizational and communication challenges.

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