Rocky Mountain High…well, not THAT kind of “high” but I could’ve

By Christine Biondo

I recently spent 6 terrific days golfing in Colorado with a 100 of my closest friends. It is a yearly event put on by a national golf association and hosted by the Denver chapter. However, the only time I was in the Denver area was when my plane landed.

First day of play was Arrowhead Golf Course located in Littleton. I saw pictures of this course before I left Orlando, but just like the Grand Canyon, ya gotta see it to believe it. Quoting from the internet… “The accessible mountain property is surrounded by extreme elevation changes, dramatic vistas and thousands of feet of ancient red sandstone rocks.” No kidding. As I was teeing it up on one of the holes, I looked up and saw one of these red sandstone rocks jetting up in the middle of the fairway. WTF…am I supposed to go over that thing?? Needless to say, I didn’t score very well on that hole.

After that round we drove to Frisco which was home base for the rest of the trip. The next day we golfed the Eagle-Vail CC in Avon. I was looking forward to this round as I snowed skied Vail many, many years ago. Golfing around that area/mountain was going to be fun. And it was. Another beautiful course with high elevations, spectacular wild flowers all over the place and the Rocky Mountains everywhere you turned, BUT no jetting “red sandstone” rocks, thank you very much.

The other two courses we played were Keystone Ranch and The River Course @Keystone. Keystone Ranch was my least favorite, but not by much. There’s this nine-acre lake that runs through it which my golf ball found a lot! No fun.

The River Course @Keystone was another challenging adventure. By now it’s the fourth day in a row for golf and I’m feeling it. Again, more high elevations, some deer, some funky looking squirrels and parts of the Snake River on the front nine.

We were told by the organizers before we left that because of the elevations and thinner air, we might want to “club-down” on some of our shots. Ah, I think not. I tried whacking that golf ball as hard as I could just to see how far it would go because I may never get another chance to hit a drive really, really far.

I met some terrific people from all over the country and played with low handicap players. These golfers are good and I am not. I came home exhausted with only 3 golf balls left in my bag and I kinda think I found those. But I had fun and hope to go on another golfing adventure next year.

PS we really didn’t have time to look for a Cannabis shop, but every now and then there would be a breeze and you would just know.

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