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TeacherStudio Featured at Schools For Tomorrow Conference

TeacherStudio Featured at Schools For Tomorrow Conference

TeacherStudio® (, which is co-owned by IDEAS, was one of just six companies to be invited to be a part of the Innovators Lab last week at the second annual Schools for Tomorrow conference at The New York Times’ building in New York. The theme of the conference was “Schools for Tomorrow: Building a Better Teacher.”

“This was a tremendous opportunity for TeacherStudio,” commented Caroline Masse, co-creator of TeacherStudio. “To be surrounded by experts in the field, attend the panel discussions, talk to educators about their work, and highlight TeacherStudio, with its recent upgrades, to that many influential people was another building block for our product.”

This is the second Schools for Tomorrow conference, an annual collaboration between the business and newsroom sides of The New York Times. Speakers included The New York Times Op-Ed columnists David Brooks, Bill Keller and Nick Kristof, as well as educators including Stanford professor Linda Darling-Hammond, the chancellors of the New York City and Washington public schools, and several exceptional K-12 teachers. The Inventors Lab was used to showcase new technologies that are targeted at supporting educators in their instructional practice. TeacherStudio is an offering that focuses on individualized professional development for teachers.

TeacherStudio has been adopted by the Regional Education Service Agency (RESA) 2 in West Virginia, Seminole County Public Schools in Central Florida, and Anson County Public Schools in North Carolina. Dee Cockrille, Executive Director of RESA 2, comments that, “with TeacherStudio, we are able to have continuous connections with educators who live across southern West Virginia regarding personalized learning and instructional practices centered upon high levels of student engagement.”

TeacherStudio allows educators to build their skills and knowledge through individualized and relevant learning experiences which are focused on ongoing and meaningful professional growth. Our platform is built on what research has identified as paramount to effective professional learning communities. We believe, and preliminary results are showing, that a strong community focused on professional development encourages openness, practice, reflection, and growth ultimately contributes to increased student achievement.