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Pale Blue Dot Ventures (PBDV) Engages Valley of the Moon Partners (VOMP)

Pale Blue Dot Ventures (PBDV) Engages Valley of the Moon Partners (VOMP)

Pale Blue Dot Ventures (PBDV) engages Valley of the Moon Partners (VOMP) as strategic advisors to secure development partners for the California Space Academy (CalSpace) 

The proposed California Space Academy is an exclusive destination entertainment opportunity sitting on 82 acres of land, 10 miles from the Pacific Ocean in Santa Barbara County, surrounded by first class wineries and golf courses. CalSpace is a destination experience and research facility that will immerse guests in the story of future Space Exploration. The property has direct viewshed onto some of the Vandenberg AFB (VAFB) space launch sites, where launches will become more frequent over the next several years. Vandenberg Space Force Base (VSFB; reflects name change) is the site of nearly 2,000 launches since 1958 and home to SpaceX, ULA, NASA, and other critical military space operations.

The USA is returning to the Moon and will thereafter explore Mars and beyond. CalSpace will tell this epochal story and explain the science and technology of future space exploration. Space is the “frontier” of our generation and will remain as such for the next 20 or more years.

The core pillar of CalSpace is an exceptional location-based entertainment and immersive learning destination combining the best of themed entertainment design with engaging learning and discovery. The Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) educational content will be woven into the fabric of our guest experience. Onsite lodging, a conference center, “SpaceBase”-a new kind of multi-day Space Academy, and close ties to commercial and government space partners offer additional potential, along with branded media and educational products. See:

CalSpace will generate revenue from ticket sales, special events, concessions, parking, food and beverage, merchandise sales, content, and IP development & distribution. Early research industry benchmarks indicate a stabilized annual attendance of 300,000+ visitors and $40M in annual revenue.

VOMP is working with PBDV to find strategic and financial partners who share the vision of CalSpace and who are ready to build a national treasure.

There are three primary partnership opportunities available at this time. PBDV is offering these on a first-come, first-served basis, providing exclusive rights at a significant discount to the market, compared to selling the rights when the project is permit-ready.

  1. First, we are looking to partner with a hotel developer who will have exclusive development rights as the only hotel on the 82-acre project property, with an expected 120 to 200 rooms plus potential dormitories, onsite catering, and F&B operations.
  2. Second, PBDV has authorized an unprecedented naming rights optionfor a significant component of the project (including the entire venue, presenting status, or a featured attraction), the value of which likely exceeds the investment alone. Given the importance of education in the CalSpace project, this opportunity offers potential partners brand exposure and educational awareness.
  3. Third, PBDV is looking to partner with a significant space industry or national industrial property developerwho will have exclusive development rights of the only proposed Industrial/Manufacturing/Training facility on the 82-acre project property. This approximately 50,000 sq ft facility will be built-to-suit and include a loading dock, conference rooms, minimum FED STD Class 100,000 (ISO Level 8) thermal & humidity controlled clean room, R&D workstations and potentially a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility).

Bob Allen, Project Creative Director and Founder of the Brand and Experience Design firm IDEAS noted: “As we have seen at Flight Works Alabama,  Spaceport America and our Future Flight project for the Houston Super Bowl fan experience,  there is significant brand activation value in showcasing high-tech industrial and technology processes that also help grow the next generation of rocket scientists, engineers, explorers and adventurers.”

PBDV will grant a Naming Rights Option for a significant project component (including the entire venue, presenting status, or a featured attraction for timely investment in the manufacturing and R&D facility). The value of the naming rights option alone (which the holder can choose to sell before opening) well exceeds the required investment for the exclusive rights to the manufacturing and R&D facility.


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Valley of the Moon Partners specializes in working with companies to achieve their strategic and financial objectives. Employing a unique combination of judicious planning and relationship-building experience, VOMP develops creative solutions to fit our clients’ business needs. VOMP has worked with a diverse network of companies. VOMP is well-positioned to support client objectives and connect them with like-minded businesses to form mutually beneficial partnerships.​


About Pale Blue Dot Ventures

The Pale Blue Dot was a picture of Earth taken in February 1990 by the Voyager 1 space probe at a distance of 3.7 billion miles, as it left our solar system for the last time. The picture was suggested by astronomer and author Carl Sagan. With a mission to Educate, Entertain and Inspire, Pale Blue Dot Ventures is focused on developing and exploiting commercially attractive, space-related entertainment enterprises and their intellectual property portfolio. The PBDV website has a short overview video of our current project.



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