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IDEAS Launches TombTown Bash Mobile Game and Music Video

IDEAS Launches TombTown Bash Mobile Game and Music Video

IDEAS announced the launch of a new game/app and music video, TombTown Bash. Welcome to TombTown where a local Halloween bash is being held, and we need your help! Visit different sections of the town to invite the local ghosts to the party, but be careful! There are party crashers that will try to score an invite, so make sure to avoid them! How high of a score can you achieve? Throw the biggest party that this town has ever seen and be remembered as the king of the party scene!

“Projects like this are extremely important to us. Being able to come up with an idea, then be able to logically figure out how we can accomplish it without letting our client-work suffer, is key to keeping our team engaged with everything we do,” commented John Lux, Chief Operating Officer of IDEAS. “We do the best work we can for every single project that comes to us, whether it’s large or small, exciting or not. And one way to keep things fresh is to be able to work on things just for fun. Whether it’s a new game/app, or an original song, or a music video, or even just playing Pictionary on a Friday afternoon, doing things outside the daily grind is what keeps people fresh and keeps them wanting to do great work, no matter what the project is or who the client is.”

The TombTown Bash game was created for iOS, Android, and web using Adobe Flash/AIR, Starling, Feathers, DragonBones, and native extensions for Twitter, and Facebook, and iOS GameCenter integration. It has multiple particle effects, over 150 custom sound effects that we created in our recording studio, original music, and over 30 different animated characters. The team at IDEAS included Art Director Brian Nutt, Lead Developer Thomas Gorence, Lead Experience Designer Cass Hensley, Animator Andrew Cadieux, and Sr. Audio Mixer Rob Hill with original music by Jason Vega and Thomas Gorence. Click HERE to play the game on your laptop or desktop and search for TombTown Bash on any mobile device to download the app.

The music video was created at IDEAS by Rebecca Hodges, Bethany Tompkins, and Jason Vega and can be viewed below or click HERE.

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