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Expandiverse Technology to Leap Ahead Decades to the Coming Digital World

Expandiverse Technology to Leap Ahead Decades to the Coming Digital World

Expected to be Pervasive After 2030, a Fully Digital World Can Start Today Using New Expandiverse Technology

Dan Abelow today announced the worldwide availability of patent pending Expandiverse Technology, the first fully formed digital world of the type we expect to arrive by the middle of this century. Abelow created the Expandiverse™ to fill the R&D hole 20 to 50 years out.

Abelow’s 1,400 page patent specification enables a digital Expandiverse that is always on, always in use. It provides multiple shared planetary life spaces in which everyone can choose to be everywhere they want, in one or more continuous digital realities, with one or more personal identities that can enjoy global presences and all-knowing resources. In some ways, Expandiverse realities will be more powerful, more aware and perhaps more prosperous than physical reality. To produce this, Expandiverse Technology’s specification includes expanded devices, realities, utilities, services, industries, identities, governances, active knowledge and much more.

Abelow’s conception of the Expandiverse started in 2007 with the recognition that from our beginning, humanity has known only physical reality:  The only world is the physical world in front of us. Abelow concluded that the constant use of digital devices, screens and networked technologies is causing our known world to expand. For the first time we are about to build and live in a fully realized digital Earth in which continuous digital presences complement physical reality. Abelow realized this as an historic transition from a physical reality that controls people, into a digital world where people control reality.

When Abelow’s Expandiverse starts developing, a digital Earth will evolve in which everyone’s digital presence is multiplied worldwide, with active knowledge delivery, with everyone having global resources and capabilities. Anyone will be able to leap quickly and repeatedly to humanity’s best performance levels as advances are made, with everyone able to live and work together worldwide as if we were in one digital room.

Abelow’s Expandiverse envisions using networks to deliver human success so that anyone may perform at the highest levels known, with new advances flowing worldwide immediately. For the first time in history, we can consider societies in which everyone might succeed, inverting the traditional pyramid of power and wealth – without attacking those at the top because the Expandiverse will allow more and more people to rise to their full potential.

While Abelow calls his new Intellectual Property Patents from the Future™, he is starting the licensing of Expandiverse Technology by listening and learning. Abelow spent years creating the Expandiverse to make a long-term contribution. His licensing goal is enabling licenses that encourage wide use.

By filling the R&D hole that looks ahead decades, Abelow is attempting to introduce an AnthroTechtonic future we can’t wait to design, build and enjoy – instead of today’s expectation of a future that we fear.

Dan Abelow, a graduate of Harvard and the Wharton School, is an American inventor, technology consultant and author. His previous patents have been licensed by over 400 corporations that include Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics and many others. Abelow’s Expandiverse™ is in a pre-launch beta stage to test and develop its business model. Abelow’s five initial tests include the free serial novel Save the Future!, professional speaking, technology licensing, entertainment rights, and services. For more information see

IDEAS is supporting Dan Abelow in a number of areas including assisting him in developing speeches that he plans to deliver around the world to business and thought leaders on the future of technology as Dan has envisioned it in what he terms the “Expandiverse.” IDEAS is also developing video assets that he will use to promote these concepts on his website and on YouTube. And finally, IDEAS has been involved in key design elements on his website, including the development of the Expandiverse logo.

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