My Dad’s Legacy

By Bob Allen

[fusion_dropcap class="fusion-content-tb-dropcap"]I[/fusion_dropcap]DEAS was hatched in the most amazing creative incubator imaginable- Walt Disney World. We love our Disney heritage and treasure our Disney clients and friends. My own connection there goes even deeper. In 1955, a struggling student going to Cal Poly in Long Beach California on the GI bill heard about a new place opening near his home in Anaheim. We stood in line every day and on the last day of hiring, he got a job. His task was to ride on the back of a small train and blow a whistle if anyone looked like they might fall off! Over the course of 33 years, he rose to the position of Vice President of Walt Disney World (there were only a few of those then!). That guy was my dad, Bob Allen (he was Robert C, I’m Robert M and my nephew is Robert C too!).

Dad served Disney till his death at the young age of 55 in 1987 and while he was there, he worked tirelessly to make Disney a truly generous member of the Central Florida Community. Since his death, Walt Disney World has generously given large community service grants in his name every year. This morning, the Hope Community Center in Apopka received $45,000 to continue their extraordinary work with a community of farm workers. My family was there, along with Mickey of course, and I am filled with gratitude to the “kick-butt sisters” at Hope Community Center, to Walt Disney World and to my dad for practicing unrestrained generosity.

May 19, 2010|Archive|

About the Author: Bob Allen

Bob spent 25 years with the Walt Disney Company before founding IDEAS back in 2001. He is a nationally recognized speaker, avid bike rider, and Zen teacher/practitioner.

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