IDEAS to Host Corona SDK Developer Meetup May 12, 2012

By Thomas Gorence

IDEAS’ Lead Developer and official Corona SDK Ambassador Thomas Gorence will be one of the hosts and a featured presenter at the Corona SDK Developer Meetup on Saturday May 12, 2012 at 10:00am at the Downtown Orlando headquarters of IDEAS. Ansca Mobile’s Corona SDK is a software language/application which allows developers to write a single program, and then export to Android, iPad, iPhone, Nook, Kindle and Mac. It is an alternative to Adobe AIR, another solution for creating mobile apps and games for multiple devices. The group is for developers using Corona SDK for cross-platform mobile development. Click HERE for more information about the Corona SDK Developer Meetup and to reserve your spot, you must be registered to attend.

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About the Author: Thomas Gorence

Thomas or "T" works in Flash, web development, and WordPress and regularly develops custom devices for physical interaction (museum exhibits, RFID readers, etc.)

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