IDEAS creates animation for new scientific breakthrough featured on CBS’ 60 Minutes

By Jason Vega

[fusion_dropcap class="fusion-content-tb-dropcap"]I[/fusion_dropcap]DEAS, the Innovation Studio, has provided Energetics Technologies, LLC with custom 2-D animation to visualize a breakthrough scientific process as part of a media campaign launched with a profile on the CBS News magazine show, ‘60 Minutes’. The segment entitled “Cold Fusion Is Hot Again” aired on Sunday, April 19, 2009 and focused on the resurgence of research into Cold Fusion featuring several 2-D animation sequences created by IDEAS, in partnership with Rick Kramer Media (, for Energetics Technologies, one of the leading research firms featured in the news story.

60 Minutes reporter Scott Pelley was investigating the recent breakthroughs in advanced matter science research in physics laboratories around the world, including the Energetics Technologies facility in Israel. Noting that Energetics Technologies had generated some of the most dramatic results over the past few years, the news story utilized several animation segments produced by IDEAS to illustrate what is believed to be happening at a molecular level to explain the low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) that produces “excess heat” in such quantities that makes it a potential new energy source for the future.

“We had been working with the lead scientist for several years,” said Duncan Kennedy, VP of Innovation at IDEAS. “That gave us an edge in being able to create media tools that could explain this complex and misunderstood process so that anyone would be able to grasp the importance of this breakthrough.”

In addition to producing the animation used in the 60 Minutes broadcast, IDEAS also developed a new website along with additional media elements to help Energetics Technologies tell their story to the world. Working with Rick Kramer Media, IDEAS created social media sites from which RKM has launched an aggressive social media/blogging campaign to get the word out about these recent advances in LENR science ahead of, and following, the ‘60 Minutes’ story. “Our partnership with IDEAS has been an extraordinary experience,” says Rick Kramer, President of RKM. “They’ve helped take a complex, multi-layered campaign and turned our vision for it into reality.”

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