Florida Film Festival Creativity and Technology Panel

By Bob Allen

[fusion_dropcap class="fusion-content-tb-dropcap"]I[/fusion_dropcap]DEAS Chief Storytelling Officer Bob Allen will be part of a panel about “Our Digital Future: Innovation at the Intersection of Creativity and Technology” on Wednesday, April 10, 2013 from 11am – 12:30pm at the Enzian during the Florida Film Festival. From production to parking, from marketing to multichannel interactivity, new digital applications are changing the way we experience films—and, indeed, the way we live our lives. Technology is so much more than 3D and 4K: as consumers demand more and better access to entertainment, virtual reality increasingly is becoming, well, reality. A panel of experts from across the digital media spectrum—including film, photography, gaming, and visual art—share their experiences, their challenges, and their forecasts for what lies ahead. Panelists include computer graphics designer and supervisor André Thomas of EA Sports, creative marketing consultant Evan Jones of Snap! Bob Allen from Orlando innovation studio IDEAS, and moderator Chip Weston, painter, photographer, graphic artist, and course director of new media and social media at Full Sail University. The event is free. Click HERE for more about the Florida Film Festival.

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About the Author: Bob Allen

Bob spent 25 years with the Walt Disney Company before founding IDEAS back in 2001. He is a nationally recognized speaker, avid bike rider, and Zen teacher/practitioner.

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