End of Build Out Week 3

By John Lux

[fusion_dropcap class="fusion-content-tb-dropcap"]A[/fusion_dropcap] lot has happened since my last post. Painting started just a couple days ago so I went there yesterday afternoon to check on the progress. David had called earlier in the day after he made an “executive decision”. On the west side of the building we had a base color with two accent colors. David didn’t think one of the accents worked so he decided to scrap that color and only use one accent. I think it was a good decision because when I saw the one wall in the accent I agreed it just didn’t work.

I seem to find myself at the building most Friday afternoons and it’s actually been a nice way to end the week. It’s crazy right now but by 3 or 4 in the afternoon on Friday the new building is empty so there’s some peace in my world for a little bit at the end of the week. I walked around the building to take pictures and shoot video for the Making Of video.

Speaking of the video, we’ve been hoping to get the first part of the series up on the website but we’ve been really busy so it’s been tough getting into the edit suite to finish. Hopefully this coming week.

Yesterday we saw the first step in the drawings for our new audio suite and stage. We’ve gotten off to a slow start designing the new rooms but I think we’ll be moving much faster over the next couple weeks and we’ll be in construction right as we finish the rest of the building build out which was the plan from the beginning. Before it’s all done we’re going to have a great mixing suite and have a nice stage that we can shoot and record in. Rob and I had in our head what the room would look like and how it would be laid out. Little did we know our thoughts were not acoustically sound so we need to change our mindset a bit.

We spent today in the vault again. This was day 3 of the vault clean up/packing. Unfortunately, we’re still not done. Hopefully we’ll be able to address it more during the week because my weekends are getting harder and harder to spend at work.

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