Close to 300 People Attend Spacerific Party

By John Lux

[fusion_dropcap class="fusion-content-tb-dropcap"]O[/fusion_dropcap]n Thursday April 4, 2013 we hosted a party for our clients and friends. It’s the first party we’ve had in five years and it was well worth the wait. Bad weather held off, the food was great, and the almost 300 attendees had fun. We go out of our way to throw fun parties, parties people will talk about days, weeks, and moths later and we think we succeeded again. If you were with us at our #Spacerific Party, thanks for coming. If you weren’t with us, you were missed. To remember the night or see what you missed, enjoy the video below, edited to another original song created by our in-house band, 64 IDEAS, featuring Rebecca Hodges, Bethany Tompkins, and Jason Vega.

We had hundreds of photos taken at the party, the traditional photos from the party, taken by our photographer, Emily Smith from Smith Gallery, can be seen by clicking HERE.

In addition to the “regular” photos, you can see the pictures from the #Spacerific Green Screen Photo Pad by clicking HERE.

April 15, 2013|News|

About the Author: John Lux

As COO of IDEAS, John manages the day-to-day operations of the company. He is a category expert in studio production and is responsible for bringing advanced digital media technology to IDEAS.

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