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When Given the Opportunity to be Involved with a Creative Project, Take It!

When Given the Opportunity to be Involved with a Creative Project, Take It!

A couple of months ago I received an invitation from one of my coworkers to sit in on a brainstorming session for the League of Women Voters. I was unsure what to expect, and since I am not particularly fond of politics in general, I thought it may be a good one to sit out. When I told this to my coworker Rick, he simply asked me, “How do you know you won’t be able to contribute anything if you don’t check it out in the first place?” Rick had a point, so I attended the brainstorming session. The goal of the session was to come up with spots targeting the general public, more specifically the under 30 crowd, and to creatively encourage them to vote in this year’s upcoming presidential election. Not only did I wind up contributing during the meeting, by the end of it I was dead set on producing the segments that we had developed.

Surprisingly, I realized that I am passionate about politics- because I am passionate about my future and my voice. One of the issues that came up at the meeting was the lack of interest shown by the under 30 crowd when it comes to voting. It was this information that challenges me and drives me to creatively advertise voting to a younger crowd. I pitched the ideas to my boss (who is super supportive), and he granted me permission to produce 3-5 spots for the League of Women Voters. I have developed the best ideas from the brainstorming session into scripts (with the help of my IDEAS coworkers) and have been working through the pre-production little by little. We just finished the first video called “Choices” (shown below). It is simple, clean, and states, “Life is full of choices. Make yours count.”

Keep and eye out for the videos on YouTube as well as on your local television stations! Special thanks to Katie Brandbo, Frank Indermuehle, and Rafael Smith for donating to the cause. For more about the League of Women Voters of Florida, visit

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