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We’re Going to Need a Severed Hand

We’re Going to Need a Severed Hand

“We’re going to need a severed hand, fake blood, costumes and a lots of Halloween decorations.” When our team started working on an awesome idea for a Halloween game/app… our in-house band, 64 IDEAS, just knew we needed to do a spin-off song about it.

This past summer the members of 64 IDEAS (myself, Rebecca Hodges, and Jason Vega), all started to get into the Halloween spirit a little early. We spent time listening to some classic Halloween songs and reminiscing about some of the great Halloween movies (obviously the best is, Hocus Pocus, if you disagree, you’re wrong). When the guys in the back started to get us concept art for the game, to eventually be titled Tomb Town Bash, we had a pretty clear idea that our concept of the song would be us getting ready for a big Halloween Bash and running into some trouble along the way.

Jason did a great job of getting the instrumental music made up and from there we started the lyrics, mixing in some fun, spooky, and as many Halloween puns as we could think of. We laid down the track with our Audio Engineer, Rob Hill, and he went back in and added some fantastic sound effects to the song, that really help take it to the next level.

Finally, Rebecca began mapping out her initial thoughts for the music video to accompany the song. Not only is she a brilliant film and story visionary, she loves Halloween, so I think it’s safe to say, she had a ball coming up with the concept. After running things over with Jason and me, we laid out the final plan. Without giving too much away (hey, you gotta watch the video when it comes out), I will just say, filming was a blast! We were at a few different locations, as well as, all over the IDEAS building. While shooting outside, we had some awesome looks from people, because it was mostly three people dressed in costume running around like crazy people, with a camera following us (one of our awesome interns, Tyler, was the cameraman for the day).

I’m super excited for this one to come out! And the Tomb Town Bash game is super fun (I’ve gotten to play a beta test). So once all this rolls out to the public, be sure to “grab your ghoul-friend or your boo real fast,” because you’ve got to get down to the Tomb Town Bash!

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