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TeacherStudio Roll-Out In Indianapolis

TeacherStudio Roll-Out In Indianapolis

Last week we met in Indianapolis with a group of teachers from the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township to help them brainstorm about the best way to get started using the TeacherStudio. Rolling out a new product in a school district (especially one that requires a great deal of buy-in from those who will use it most – teachers) is a delicate yet exciting process.

We had the great privilege of meeting with a group of 30 teachers who took the first steps in implementing TeacherStudio in their school district. Since TeacherStudio is designed to help districts promote and share best practices, our first step was to give the group an opportunity to think about and list the instructional goals that were most important to them. Once they had this list in front of them, we thought it would be much easier to visualize how they could bring these initiatives to life inside the product. This group of instructional technology educators did an amazing job of listing the programs that are most important in their district right now – they were such self starters and really jumped right in. We then shared with the group what TeacherStudio was and the features (and possibilities) that the product offers. It was our hope that during the demonstration they could begin to get an idea of how they could move forward inside the TeacherStudio.

We spent the remainder of our time together creating a list of video clips (they felt they could capture) that aligned to the initiatives they had identified. It was quite an experience to look at the product we’ve been building over the past year through a new set of eyes. They had such insight and wonderful feedback about the product. So many of them saw potential and were already asking about next steps. We look forward to seeing this group evolve inside the TeacherStudio, as well as be a part of their collaboration with other districts.

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