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Spaceport America: Story and Design, Meet Schedule, Budget and Attendance

Spaceport America: Story and Design, Meet Schedule, Budget and Attendance

I hope everyone is lucky enough to have days when every other thought is “dang, I LOVE what I’m doing.” Yesterday was one of those for me (I have to admit, I have more than my fair share). I was lucky enough to spend the whole day focused on a SINGLE project- Spaceport America. Even better, I got to see our multi-company Team IDEAS show its stuff. It was the moment in any immersive project that you pray for and dread at the same time- the first time the story and the conceptual design meet the schedule, the budget and the attendance model. While it is NEVER a seamless, perfect fit, what the team came up with was a set of creative options that were not only great, but none that any of us had previously thought of. Budgets, schedules and other constraints are really the good friends of creativity. These boundaries are what generate the true creation process. Now…on to the client for an IPR (in progress review) next Tuesday to see how we do. (But I’m pretty confident!)

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