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Siemens Corporation

Siemens Corporation

I was meeting with a potential client the other day and they asked the question: What is the perfect project/client for IDEAS. I proceeded to tell the story of our relationship with the Siemens Corporation. 3 years ago, Shirley Decker and I went to a luncheon for Operating Participants of Walt Disney World. It was at the Rainforest Cafe at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, food was excellent. We sat at the opposite end of the table from a guy that, personality-wise, was eerily similar to Shirley’s. After talking a bit over lunch, the conversation continued after lunch and we (not so much me as I was just standing there for the most part) decided to set up a meeting for a couple weeks from then to talk about what he had coming up and what we do. The person’s name was Darren Sparks from Siemens.

2 weeks later, Darren came over and explained what Siemens had going on at Epcot now that they had taken over sponsorship of Spaceship Earth. Siemens had the opportunity to use the back part of Spaceship Earth for just about whatever they wanted. After the initial meeting with Darren he brought back some senior staff from Siemens to learn more about us. From there we did a proposal for a one day Story Conference with key Siemens executives, to understand what were the key message points and what outcomes were desired for the visiting guests. After the Story Conference we presented the findings back to Darren along with our recommendations of how to execute the Guest Experience plan.

3 years later, we’re still working with Darren and Siemens at Base21, the Siemens VIP Center at Spaceship Earth, Epcot. We initially worked with the Siemens team to design the guest experience, which caters to Siemens’ employees from around the world, key clients, VIPs, and dignitaries visiting the attraction. Being able to create a branded Siemens space was the key to implementing a creative and immersive experience.

We developed guest experience concepts focused on the visitor experience with specific emphasis on attracting Siemens employees and their families and encouraging regular use of the facility for Siemens clients as a business closer. Specific attention was given to way finding, interior design, interactive design, media development, light and sound effects, and displays to highlight the key branded messages of their various operating companies that make up the world of Siemens.

We created a variety of media experiences that educate in an entertaining way, knowledge about the company, communicate its vision to their broad range of employees and stakeholders and become a unique location for all key client briefings and company sponsored events. These tools include hand held tablets that will allow the guests to interact with their environment, a 3D monitor featuring Siemens technology, a hidden display wall utilizing smart glass, a ten foot interactive wall, a simulated world command center, and a multitude of unique video formats. A media server and show control unit allow the staff to instantly customize the visitor’s experience based on their demographics plus allow easy updates to the media.

Base21 is a platform to showcase current and future thinking of the company and how Siemens impacts their visitors’ lives. We provided ongoing creative input and oversight of the user experience back during the construction phase and since opened, we continue to add new elements, and refresh elements within the center as the company continues to grow.

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As COO of IDEAS, John manages the day-to-day operations of the company. He is a category expert in studio production and is responsible for bringing advanced digital media technology to IDEAS.