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Shredding Day

Shredding Day

Today was actually pretty uneventful at the new building. David did a walk through with Beth from Spectra to go through the flooring to check for anything wrong. A couple minor touch up things but nothing big, besides the chunk of drywall that was damaged in the reception area but we already saw that. We also found out the carpet for the edit suites & offices on the east side came in today so it will be installed tomorrow.

The big event of the day was the shredding truck. We had 2 hours worth of shredding. It was pretty cool, a box truck pulled up, a couple guys got out, went to our room, wheeled out the cart, got up in the back of the truck and started loading it up. You could hear the machine in the back of the truck shredding as things were loading. We shot photos and video for an upcoming Behind the Scenes webisode but I’m not sure the cool factor will translate. I will admit, it was cool but after 15 minutes I was like “ok, I’ve seen it, now what?”. It’s cool but it’s pretty repetitive so once you’ve watched it a bit you’ve seen it.

Sometime tomorrow the 4th webisode will be added to the website

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