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Riding the Open Road

Riding the Open Road

We were having a discussion the other day about riding the open road and all that it conjures up because my husband happened to find online a picture of the Norton 750 Commando Highrider -circa 1971.  It was the bike we bought when it first came out (the yellow tank was the only choice so we painted it forest green) and what fun to take it out for a spin in the evening after work – except for the Chicago city traffic – or on the weekends for more open spaces.  It was supposed to be about the ride, but it really was as much about my brown leather, very cool jackets with way too many zippers and the great boots.

I’m laughing right now as I think about filling the tank for about 97 cents (gas was 25 cents a gallon in the glory days) and all the not so comfortable sunburns (sorry, BMW, it really was the first true tanning machine!) because tank tops were hip.

Now to purchase that same machine in mint condition you start at $8,500 but we were only set back about $1,750 – but well worth it.  That other war was over and it was a time of catching up on fun, being seen in the right places on a dream machine, and being on top of the world with your whole future ahead.  Thank you, Norton!

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