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No Oak, IKEA and Screamscape

No Oak, IKEA and Screamscape

Here’s what I learned today: Mary Anne doesn’t like the oak furniture in our current building. It’s amazing how much furniture we have in our current building. When you walk into a room and see a desk, 3 chairs, a bookshelf, a cabinet, a file cabinet, and a small table it’s amazing to think how it all got into that room, and that’s just my office and it’s only 10×12. We have so much furniture and unfortunately not a lot of it matches. I’m about 75% way through mapping what from the current place goes where in the new place, what is not coming with and what is going somewhere but I don’t know where yet. The goal: try to have some semblance of consistency throughout the new building.

An update on our IKEA adventure, we got a form letter back from them today from there corporate office saying they don’t ship products from one store to another because it’s too costly. They suggested that we check back periodically to see if the Orlando store gets their shipment. So let me get this straight, you have a customer that wants to give you money for your product and you won’t do anything to help them. What happened to customer service? In this economy I would think a retail store would be willing to help a customer that wants to spend money at their store. Obviously not! All done venting.

We’re also getting a kick out of all the people talking about our move on Screamscape. Rumors all over about what Disney might do to our building after we leave.

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