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I always like to act like I’m too cool for New Year’s Resolutions; you know, the sarcastic “sure, well it’s not like that’s going to last anyway.” But why not indulge the tradition? Maybe it’s helpful. I want to write more in 2019, read more books, and… get more sleep? Also, that Twitter experiment I was doing…yeah I’m cutting that short. I have come to the  conclusion that it’s just not worth it. Even if I only interact positively with Twitter, it’s just boring. Maybe because I’m only interacting positively with Twitter. It’s a bit pessimistic, but maybe the point of Twitter is basically to be negative about things? Maybe not, but either way I’m going into 2019 not bothering with it. Ends of years are odd. When I was younger I used to panic each new year because it would never again be 2008, 2011, 2014, etc. It was like a trap. Time is arbitrary and all that, but I suppose new years are meaningful because we decide they are. We celebrate the chance to begin again. So, what are your goals for the New Year?

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