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New Photos for Website

New Photos for Website

A couple years ago we were trying to come up with creative for our then new website. We kept coming back to one thing- while the work we do for clients is important, what we really sell is relationships. Ultimately for a project to be successful there needs to be mutual trust between us and the client. The client needs to trust us enough to do what we do best. And we need to trust the client that they are telling us everything we need to know and openly and respectfully participating in the process. Having that mutual trust is huge in order for us to be successful together.

So, as we were coming up with what the website should look like, we believed that someone viewing it needed to be able to get to know us personally instead of just reading about us on a flat text website. Building the relationship with the client needed to start from their first look at the website. The result is the images of each employee on the website. One image has us dressed and looking in our normal everyday work attire. And the second image of each of us has us in our personal off-hours attire. Those are the photos that people really had fun with. Most brought extra cloths, a lot used props, some even brought their pets. It started out as a little thing and quickly got out of control, in a good way. In the end, the result was one of the most popular elements of our current website.

In the next couple weeks we’ll be rolling out a new and improved website so we thought we’d give everyone the opportunity to update their photos if they wanted to. Today was the update day. We had a number of people that brought in changes of clothes, props, children (I think belonging to them), and a couple dogs. When we did it the last time it was over a couple days and it was a lot of fun and today was a lot of the same. Keep an eye out for the new website and you’ll see some of the results from today.

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