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More Margaritas

More Margaritas

There was a lot of stuff that came from our old building that we really weren’t sure if we needed. It became official this week that most of it was not needed. So today recyclers came with a large box truck to take away unneeded equipment and furniture. We had so much that they couldn’t fit everything. Our entire stage was full before they came and by the time they left only about 1/3 of the stage had stuff and there’s still some more stuff to go. This opens the door to start the build out for audio in the next couple weeks.

Today was also Margarita Friday #2 in the new building. I bought a Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville frozen concoction machine a couple weeks ago. The first time we used it a couple weeks ago I wasn’t too happy with the way the margaritas turned out. I followed the directions but they were still too icy. I got some guidance from a friend that has a machine and this time was much better. I had a couple people say this time they were better so my bar tending skills are improving.

New pictures will be on the website early next week

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