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Lots to Report

Lots to Report

I haven’t posted since Wednesday but that’s not because of a lack of things to talk about, just busy actually doing my job. Thursday I had a final walk through with people from Disney at the old building to answer questions and point out things. It was pretty painless. I mentioned all the things our staff and clients know all too well- the air conditioning is inconsistent, usually too cold, the flooring (carpeting and tile) is worn out and dated, the fluorescent lights and gray wall paper can drive you crazy after a while, etc. We’ll officially turn over the building early next week.

At the new place, every day something new is up and running on the technical side. The design and programming department is fully functional with internet and high speed access to all of our servers. All the cables are run for the networks and edit suites, all the edit suites are set up, the machine room has some access and a couple other things. This week will see a lot of things totally up and running.

Mary Anne, David & I went to IKEA for another round of things for the building. Client desk for the Final Cut Pro suite (the Media Composer and Symphony already had their new client desks), stools for the cybercafe outside Christine’s office, file cabinet for the Symphony suite, end tables for the lounge and a couple other little things. Speaking of the lounge, the remaining chairs came in on Thursday, very nice. There will be some pictures posted Monday or Tuesday.

Also on Friday I gave my first client tour. It was interesting to walk the building and getting a sense of tour flow, what to talk about, what not to, what things were important in the build out to us and what things don’t matter as you’re walking a client through. I’ve walked the building so many times in the last 6 months it’s always interesting to see the reaction of someone doing it for the first time.

And finally, Friday afternoon we held our first of what will be many Friday afternoon Margarita parties. I bought a Jimmy Buffett Margarita machine as a house warming gift to the company and Friday afternoon, our 3 week anniversary of officially being in the new building, we broke it out with chips, salsa and guacamole. I think people enjoyed it.

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