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IKEA Drama Update

IKEA Drama Update

To recap how we got to this point. We want lights from IKEA got our graphics area. The Orlando store had 1 and we need 12. They were supposed to get more in this week, then they were not coming in this week.

David saw on line that the Charlotte store has 27 of them in stock so we called there to ask (beg) if someone there would pull 11 off the shelf and ship them to us. We offered to give them our Fed Ex number and we would also pay the “pull fee” for them to get them off the shelf. They refused and suggested we call the Seattle store since they can do phone orders.

I called the Seattle store and got through their phone tree to nowhere and got a wonderfully helpful person. She explained the process and we started entering the order for 11 lights and she found out they only had 6 in stock. She suggested I call the Houston store because they have the same phone order process.

I called the Houston store and went through their phone tree to nowhere to the phone order extension. The message says something to the effect of rather than wait on hold, go to our website and place the order there. So as I’m listening I go to the website. The message goes on to say please leave us a message with what you want to order and someone will call you back within 48 hours to verify your order and get payment information. So I hang up because I don’t want to wait 48 hours to place the order.

I go back to the website and start entering the order and hit submit and it says someone will get in touch with me within 48 hours to verify the order and get payment info. So the good news is that I have 6 lights coming UPS Ground from Seattle so they should be here some time before May and maybe another 6 coming from Houston is someone calls me back to get my credit card info. Never in a million years would I think spending money would be this stressful.

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