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Furniture Assembly

Furniture Assembly

Today David, Millo, T, Robbie, Charles & Rick put together 13 workstations for the design and programming area and another 6 tables for the Story Lab. By the end of the day they were pros. The workstations look great and continue to make the design and programming, maybe, the coolest place in the new building. It also didn’t hurt that the ever elusive lights from IKEA were also added to the area.

Duncan started putting together the push board walls in the Story Lab. Our movers came today to take the new racks from our current building and brought them to the new building then Dennis and crew assembled them. By the end of the day, our new machine room was really taking shape.

This morning I sent out the next e-mail blast to close to 2000 people telling them the webisodes are now on the website. We got some immediate positive response from the videos so that was good. We wanted to give people a sense of what’s going on and it appears we have achieved our goal. At least the next one webisode will be up by the end of the week.

At the end of the day there were about 10 of us hanging out at the new place. For months it was pretty much David, Mary Anne and I with the intermittent visits from Dennis. With so many people now around the building on a regular basis it really does feel like our home. About 9 months ago when we first talked about moving I was against it, for a lot of reasons. Somewhere around Labor Day my mindset started changing and about January 1 I couldn’t wait to move. Now, I think the rest of the team is in the same boat, we’re all just ready to take the next step and get to the new place and start this chapter of IDEAS.

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