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Dolphin Tale ADR

Dolphin Tale ADR

A little more than a month ago we announced our new post production audio mix room was up and running. This was huge milestone for us as the room was 2 years in the making. We are happy to have the new room completed and in use for many reasons, one of which is our ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) work. In the past we have done ADR for many feature films and TV series and it’s something that we are very proud of. Since completing our new mix room we have also finished the initial phase of renovating our recording stage. The stage, sitting at roughly 25’ x 30’ with a built in cove, serves as an insert stage for small video and photo shoots but it is also where we do all of our post production audio recording for voice over, ADR and Foley work.

Recently we did our first ADR session since the new rooms were completed. We were fortunate enough to do a small portion of the ADR for the movie “Dolphin Tale” which was shot in Clearwater. Typically in the past when we did ADR work we would work with one or two talent that either live in Central Florida or happen to be in the area when their ADR was needed. In this case, since “Dolphin Tale” was shot in Florida many of the actors live in the area. The ADR consisted of a total of 9 local talents that had parts in the movie. Nothing like jumping right in to the deep end, no dipping our toe in to see if everything was working properly.

If you’ve read the blogs over the last couple months about the new mix room, you know that the process was filled with milestones, some small and some big but all of them important. This session was another huge milestone for us. We have done hundreds of hours, probably thousands, of ADR in our lifetime but this was the first in the new room. There have been lots of firsts with the new room- first VO session, first mix, first ISDN record, and now first ADR. We’ve had our first clients for corporate pieces and web-based media as well. And while they haven’t made it in to the room yet, we’ve done our first proposals for mixing movies and a series in the new room. But with this first ADR session in the new room, we know the room is ready and we know we’re back in the game.

By the way, “Dolphin Tale” opens in theaters September 23 and you can bet we’ll be there to see it.

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