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Demonstrating A New Behavior-Metrics Technology Platform

Demonstrating A New Behavior-Metrics Technology Platform

This week at IDEAS we will be demonstrating a new technology platform, Behavior-Metrics, in tandem with our colleagues from Photon-X.

This platform is a breakthrough in the category of audience research and intelligence. Using new optical technology, the system can calibrate the emotional connection between content, and the audience’s response to it. The technology is in use today in certain government applications. At IDEAS we are building the commercial strategy for the solution. The use cases we are addressing include:

1. Intelligent Digital Advertising: Here we create a robust feedback loop, in real time, on the effectiveness of advertising. We also calibrate dwell time, eye gaze, recall strength – oh, we can also selectively place the audience into the ad! This solutions helps to the true return on the billions spent on advertising

2. Audience and Consumer Intelligence: Using interactive motion capture and demeanor analysis, we calibrate the audiences’ receptivity to the experience being delivered. A show, a movie, a ride – all can be measured for continuous audience delight.

3. In Location Based Entertainment, the challenge is to create a personalized immersive experience for each member of the audience. This system helps to make that a reality, using Native 3D image capture. The system will also be engineered to deliver the creation of personal avatar-based experience for each guest’s unique experience.

4. The “Virtual Focus Group”This system can be used to capture – with no intermediary, the audiences’ pure response to marketing, sales and entertainment content.

5. In Healthcare: The system’s high resolution imaging, in natural 3 dimensions, will change the future of diagnostics and surgery.

This family of solutions is powered by a new technology, “Spatial Phase Imaging” … that uses microscopic changes in light reflection to capture infinite pixel level detail. We call it high resolution Native 3D! The technology is very impressive – Its uses are even more impressive.

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