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Colors, Lights, Signage & Flowers

Colors, Lights, Signage & Flowers

We went to the new building today and planted some flowers. It was driving David crazy that we have a small planter on the front steps and it’s just dirt so we stopped at Home Depot and got some flowers.

Mary Anne noticed that a new sign was put up at the front of the parking lot with our logo saying no parking except for IDEAS staff & visitors. Very cool, our very own parking spaces, without security clearances.

We also bought some lights to test in the graphic/art department area. David got on a ladder and we checked out how they will look and we like them. A nice look with the ability to direct the light.

Mary Anne and Jennifer were walking the building when I left figuring out the color palate for the walls. Now that we have chosen all the flooring, it’s time to pick the wall colors.

We are now officially signed with the general contractor and architect. We all meet Tuesday to lock in and get going.

Earlier this week I mentioned the article in the Orlando Business Journal about us moving, here it is:

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